What can you anticipate from a Slip and Fall Accident?

Nov 14, 2019

When you experience a slip and fall, often times you are not aware of the damage it caused you until after you are examined by a doctor and/or after the incident occurred and your body starts to signal the areas where you were injured. You may be shocked at how a slip and fall can actually be quite serious. So, it is important to treat any slip and fall seriously! Thus, take immediate action if this happens to you.

If you are a victim of a slip and fall in someone’s property, whether it is at someone’s home or at a commercial location, the right thing to do is for owner to take full responsibility. However, this may not always be the case. Thus, you are left wondering, who is going to pay for your medical bills, treatment, etc? What will you do and where do you start? Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. And if this were to be your case, the best thing to consider is to file a Slip & Fall Lawsuit.

DID YOU KNOW? Time is of the essence. Statute of Limitations gives you a small window, post accident to take action. In the State of Florida, the limit is 4 years.

What actions should you take following a Slip and Fall Accident?

  • Make sure to contact a Professional and Experienced Slip and Fall Injury Attorney – Such as Lawlor & Associates.
  • Obtain Hospital Bills Record & any Record Associated with the Slip and Fall Accident.
  • Obtain Eyewitness Contact Information.
  • Written Statement from any Eyewitness and/or Employee at the location of your accident.

A Slip and Fall Lawsuit Case can help you pay for Medical Bills, Loss Wages and Compensation, Transportation Assistance, Stress and Personal Losses, etc.

There is a limit in the amount you can request to be compensated. For example, if the Slip and Fall Accident case cost $20,000 you cannot sue for more than $60,000. You can only ask for three times the compensatory damages.

Most Commonly Asked Question – Will I have to go to Trial?

Not necessarily. If the insurance company determines that the amount you are suing for is reasonable, they will accept the offer. However, this is not always the case. Often times, the insurance company will counter-offer.

DID YOU KNOW? Most Slip and Fall Accident cases are settled outside of court, as long as each party are able to come to a reasonable settlement.

Contact Lawlor & Associates today and speak with the Experienced and Knowledgeable Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys in Boca Raton. With over 30+ years of combined experience, we work hard to fight for your rights!