Stay Safe During The Holidays

Dec 27, 2019

The Holiday Season is a joyous time. A time to spend with loved ones. Many people will be traveling to meet with family and friends. There will be partying, music and drinking. No doubt about that! Although this time is truly a reflection of thanksgiving and spending time with people that matter most in your life, are you taking the precautionary measures to stay safe during the Holidays?

If you are driving, be sure to be extra careful. It not uncommon to find drivers who are under the influence of alcohol and/or tired. As such, it is of utmost important that you recognize ways to stay safe out on the road.

Avoid Car Accidents

We have compiled a few steps to help avoid a Car Accident.

  • Before you get on the road, look over your route using your maps app on your smartphone and see how’s the traffic in the area. If there are any congestions, road closures or accidents, look for alternate routes.
  • Look at the weather conditions. If there are any precipitations on the road, be sure to take extra time and do not rush. Drive carefully. If possible, delay your trip so that you don’t have to drive under any unfavorable weather conditions.
  • No doubt that the Holiday Season brings vehicle congestion. When there are more vehicles on the road, there are higher possibilities for car accidents.
  • To avoid serious car accidents that can impact not only your life but those on the road, if you are attending a Holiday Party and you plan on drinking alcohol, we highly recommend you call an UBERLYFT or TAXI.

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